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Klasse Wrecks & Sporadic - Tape & Tee

Klasse Wrecks & Sporadic - Tape & Tee

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Armed with only an 808, a tape machine and a grip of old Horror movie soundtracks DJ Cabbage (the rap-beat alter ego of Luca Lozano aka sat down and built the first volume of his Criminal Simulation series.

The project, which is a collaboration with Berlin based multi-faceted agency and lifestyle store Sporadic manifests in a C30 tape cassette with direct on-body printing and a longsleeve tshirt.

The tape features 10 separate tracks mixed continuously and harks back to the gory glory days of early Memphis tape rap, rough and unpolished, unapologetic and raw

Klasse Wrecks & Sporadic L/S Tee & Tape - Black
- L/S tee comes with Criminal Simulation tape
- Tape features 10 separate tracks
- L/S features graphic print on front & back
- 100% Cotton

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