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Ed Davis x BIEN Mystery Plants - Orange

Ed Davis x BIEN Mystery Plants - Orange

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C.C.P. aka. “Childhood, Calm & Punk” has been established in 2020 - Berlin, Germany. Now based in Tokyo, Japan. Pursuing the art direction of “Comic Abstraction”, “Radical Surrealism” & the “Altered State”, C.C.P. curates & collaborates to exhibit art shows around the globe. Inviting a thrilling & intriguing mix of international artists to present our vision on global creativity. Focused to be a multidimensional art space, C.C.P. diversifies itself into various shapes of creative expressions: The C.C.P. Apparel Brand, C.C.P. Publications & various other cultural aspects... C.C.P. works in collaboration with Calm & Punk Gallery & GAS AS I/F.

C.C.P. aka Childhood, Calm & Punk - Est. 2020 - Tokyo - Berlin

C.C.P. - Ed Davis x BIEN Mystery Plants - Orange
- Artwork by Ed Davis x BIEN 
- Graphic prints on front, back and sleeves
- Ribbed collar & cuffs
- 100% Cotton construction / 6oz
- Made in Japan

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