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Porter Yoshida & Co

Gasius & Porter - Shoulder Bag

Gasius & Porter - Shoulder Bag

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Porter Yoshida & Co's history dates back to 1935 when Kichizo Yoshida set up his workshop. Yoshida's vision was to produce the best bags possible and he believed that Japanese craftsmen were the best in the world. The company's slogan is 'heart and soul in every stitch' and has stuck with the company throughout its entire history. Usually each bag is produced by one craftsman from beginning to end and the aim is to constantly improve the process over time.

Gasius & Porter Collaborative Collection:
These bags not only look good but feel good too, with Porters finest quality made in Japan handcrafted workmanship, premium fabrics and pristine heavy black metal fittings this is undoubtedly luxury product. All four bag styles feature a semi transparent Cordura ripstop outer with printed heavy Nylon inner so the print sits behind and shows through the outer layer. A graphic innovation which is tough, technical, practical and good looking. The four bags where carefully chosen to cover all personal bag needs: from a wallet, to small shoulder pouch for light journeys, A Helmet bag for everyday use and a Boston bag for going away.

Gasius & Porter Yoshida & Co - Shoulder Bag - Grey
- Heavy black metal fittings
- Semi transparent Cordura ripstop outer with printed heavy Nylon inner
- Gasius graphics show through outer layer
- Made in Japan

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