Utility L/S Tee - Slate
Utility L/S Tee - Slate
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Utility L/S Tee - Slate

Liberaiders is a Japan-based label focused on the world market in and outside of Asia. Next-level streetwear products with an original culture, background and spirit. Liberaiders utilizes factories and production techniques of the highest standard focusing on premium fabrics and finishes. A culmination of the latest technology, hi-end fashion and outdoor products, delivering various themes and concepts taken from Military, Traveling, Rock’n Roll and Photography. Mei Yong, the brand director has been working with many international brands for years, including streetwear pioneers since the early '90s.

Liberaiders - Utility L/S Tee - Slate
- 100% Cotton
- Overdyed
- Pockets on chest

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