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Skate The Wall

Antwan Horfee - Skateboard

Antwan Horfee - Skateboard

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Skate The Wall work with contemporary artist to produce limited edition prints on skateboards. The boards are made from Canadian maple leaf wood and printed in France. Each board is numbered from 1 to 100 and are collectable items to be displayed or used.

Skate The Wall Antwan Horfee - Skateboard
- Limited edition of 100
- Produced and numbered by SKATE THE WALL in 2020
- Designed by Antwan Horfee
- Measurements 80cm x 20cm (31in x 8in)
- Made of 7 ply grade a Canadian maple wood
- Printed in France

Antwan Horfee is an artist based in Paris, France. Inspired by Avant-Garde movements, he projects the performative aspect of his work outdoors into his gallery work.

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