Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG
Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG
Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG
Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG
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Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG

The Vault line is Van's premium label, consisting of styles pulled from Vans' 40-year vault of designs. The Vault by Vans collection melds the worlds of high-fashion and premium design to Vans' classic silhouettes.
Aries is a non-gendered luxury streetwear brand designed in London and made in Italy. Aries was born out of an ongoing love of trash culture, outsider art and illustration, the collections also reflect its creative director’s Central Saint Martin’s training and fascination with garment dyeing, printing and a forensic approach to garment construction. The brand’s cultural output is realized throughout the year with the release of self-published books, international art shows, experiences and collaborations which range from the cult and collectable to the esoteric, working with different artists and image makers who are an integral part of the Aries world and community.

While studying fashion at the famed Central Saint Martins, Italian-born Sofia Prantera discovered her passion for rave culture and other communities that eschewed traditional fashion rules in favor of their own creative expression. That was the inspiration behind Aries, which Sofia launched in 2010 as a follow-up to her first brands, Holmes and Silas.

“When working at Slam City Skates we had a vintage “customize your own Vans” poster which seemed to allow you to mix and match prints for every part of the shoe. We wanted the collaboration to follow this accidental recipe; same colours don’t quite match like they have been made of found pieces of material; graphics and logos are incoherent; random apocalyptic stories appear on the soles; while the phrase “go your own way” and “Art Trip” reinforce the message of individuality and rule breaking that is shared by both brands.” – Sofia Prantera

Vault by Vans - Aries OG Authentic - Tiger OG
- 2 x pairs of laces
- Branded insoles
- Branded rubber outsole
- Made in Vietnam
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