Caleb Flowers | The Bomb Hole



A deep dive into todays world of entrepreneurship from the mind of a visionary who blends the world of fashion, skateboarding and snowboarding together into his own ethos. Caleb Flowers is behind Salt Lake City-based concept retailer Hathenbruck and the brand Bruhlers. With a fresh look into the world of retail sales and brand building through progressive marketing and creative product perspective this episode is a must listen for anyone who owns or is looking to start a brand or open up a retail business or really any type of business. Caleb is an idea man and is kind enough to share with us what he has learned on his journey as well as what he is currently working on. Sit back relax and join us in a conversation that could open your mind to new ways of doing business in todays age of information and social media as well as ways to recreate the brand to consumer relationship.