Immortal Flame By Cities Aviv



Julian Martinez: Being titled “Immortal Flame” this album ironically has some of Cities’ coldest tones yet, along with glossy & icy production value. Really like how it space is utilized throughout this piece w/ lots of space & broad sound textures. absent/faint drums in a number of the tracks with synth & samples really holding the reins. reminds me of techniques of Laraaji, though with modern sophistication.
This album gets better with each listen. Favorite track: OMEGA SET.

Rae: deeply romantic and entrancing :^) Favorite track: RYONICA.

RRRR: Cities Aviv dials it in. Immortal Flame chases an inconceivable state, works towards an impossible goal, steady and undeterred, heady pace, weight centered, power stance. Introspective music for the heads. Bold, beautiful, and loud. Favorite track: BUY TIME.