Josh Kalis Life On Video



Josh Kalis, the legend who has sustained one of the most profound careers in skateboarding, turned 45 today. (27th April 2021) He sat down for a series of interviews with the Berrics for our Life On Video series.

Since his early days with Toy Machine to Alien Workshop and now DGK, Kalis always stayed true to his vision of pure professional skateboarding. And in a world changing to accommodate contests and corporate skating, Kalis stuck to the streets, staying true to those aspects of skating that made him fall in love with it in the first place. That’s why to this day you can still find him skating downtown with as many skaters as possible, having fun and filming new projects. Today as a brand ambassador and tenured skateboarder, nothing but respect can be thrown his way because Kalis forged a legacy by his own rules. We’re all forever indebted to Kalis for reminding us that the next time you feel pressured to participate in something that doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to—because skateboarding is about doing what you love. Josh Kalis truly dedicated his life to skateboarding.